Flag of Colombia

    Colombia Flag
    Colombia flag facts
    Name Tricolor Nacional
    Adopted November 26, 1861
    Proportion 2:3
    Flag day 7 August
    Designer Francisco de Miranda
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    Colombia flag

    Colombia flag
    Colombia flag

    The national flag of Colombia is a horizontal tricolour of yellow, blue and red with the yellow band in the top half of the flag and the blue and red bands in equal proportion in the bottom half
    The flag retains the three main colors of the banner of Gran Colombia, the short-lived South American republic that broke up in 1830. According to one interpretation, Yellow stands for the gold in Colombia's land, blue for the seas on its shores, and red for the blood spilled in attaining freedom. As peranother interpretation, the colors have been described as representing more elemental concepts such as sovereignty and justice (yellow), loyalty and vigilance (blue), and valor and generosity (red); or simply the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity


    Colombia flag

    What is Colombia flag?

    Colombia flag is a horizontal triband of yellow (top, double-width), blue, and red.


    Colombia flag
    Colombia flag history
    General Francisco de Miranda had originally created the common yellow, blue and red flag that Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, with slight variations, use today. On March 12, 1806, Miranda raised the horizontal tricolor of 'yellow, blue and red' on 'Leander', the 20 gun-ship Miranda hired for his Venezuelan expedition.

    Colombia flag
    Colombia Flag (1821-1831)
    Gran Colombia, formed by the union of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, northern Peru, western Guyana and northwest Brazil, used a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red with the coat of arms in the center

    Colombia flag
    Colombia Flag (1831-1861)
    After the dissolution of Gran Colombia in 1831, Colombia became part of the Republic of New Granada and used vertical tricolor of red, blue and yellow. When the Granadine Confederation replaced the Republic of New Granada in 1858, the flag remained the same. In 1861, Colombia adopted the current flag which was modeled on the Gran Colombia flag

      Flag day

    Colombia flag
    Colombia Flag day
    August 7th commemorates the victory of the Freedom Army led by Simón Bolívar over the colonial Spanish army at the Battle of Boyacá on 7th August 1819. In 1925, during President Pedro Nel Ospina’s term, August 7th was declared the national flag day.

    Colombia flag buttons and icons

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    Colombia flag
    Colombia flag
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    Colombia flag
    Colombia flag display rules
    According to Colombian law, the Colombian flag must be hoisted in all official offices and buildings on July 20th (Independence Day), August 7th (Battle of Boyacá Day), October 12th (Race Day) and November 11th (Cartagena’s Independence Day). In addition, the flag must be hoisted at 8 a.m. and lowered at 6 p.m., it must not be kept hoisted at night and it can never touch the ground.

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